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What To Write In Your Broadcast Emails

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To be successful in email marketing, you must always aspire to get things right every time. Your email subscribers are busy people who won’t waste time reading emails that deliver no value to them. You must do right by them!

Unlike transactional emails, broadcast emails (sent to a group of people – usually your list of subscribers) – are naturally understood to help in nurturing relationships. These relationships lead to delighted and loyal customers over time. The big question is; what should a marketer include in his or her broadcast emails? There are three categories of broadcast emails. Each category dictates what information that goes into the email.

Promotional emails/ Sales Blasts

Just as the name suggests, promotional emails are the emails sent out to a list or a given segment of your list. Promo emails are meant to communicate an offer to your customers – at least in many instances. As such, the most appropriate time to use sales blasts emails is when you have a promotion to offer to your list. While not all of your subscribers will take the email positively, trust me; a good number of them will appreciate this kind gesture and even make orders.


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Newsletters are usually sent to the whole list and on a schedule, say weekly, or fortnightly. Irrespective of the length of the email, a marketer must ensure that the information is valuable to the subscribers.

Newsletters are a critical tool for relationship building. They give organizations the opportunity to interact with people who are interested in what they sell or create. Openness is encouraged when interacting with your email subscribers. Brands that send out newsletters regularly obtain valuable feedback that facilitates its growth. Over time, the business begins to reap the benefits of one to one communication.

Some of the things that go into newsletters include;

  • Showcase your company culture and what you have been up to as far as community outreach is concerned
  • Feature the customer of the month. Use this opportunity to show your readers how your product/service has helped solve your customer's challenges
  • Share industry news that you believe your subscribers would be glad to know
  • Keep your customers updated on upcoming events
  • Educate your readers on new and creative ways of using your product/service


Unlike the other types of broadcast emails, digests may be sent on a daily basis – although some marketers prefer using them weekly or monthly. Email digests are simply summaries of content (easy to scan). A good example is a summary of blog posts across the web. They could come from a given industry or a selected organization.

Email digests are more inclined to links than words. The most appropriate time to use email digests is;

  • When a marketer has a lot of content to share with the subscribers
  • When a marketer is in the business of re-marketing content more than he produces fresh information
  • If you are part of a body of active producers of content and therefore have a lot to share
  • When your subscribers make requests to have access to specific content
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