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Writing Confirmation And Welcome Emails People Love

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You never get a second opportunity to make a good first impression! This means that you must get it right from the word go. You must purpose to do so!

A confirmation and welcome email sent to your subscribers give you the opportunity to do so. Don’t waste it!

Confirmation email

Your subscription confirmation email shouldn’t be too basic! It must stand out! This must be viewed as a great opportunity to reinforce the value proposition of your brand – besides allowing a deeper engagement between your subscribers and your brand.

The use of confirm opt-in or double opt-in is one of the best practices in email marketing in recent years. This practice of requesting readers to confirm their voluntary subscription permits not only a neater but also a sufficiently engaged database. When readers confirm their subscription, it means that they want to be included in your list and that they didn’t sign up by accident. Confirm opt-in also helps to minimise spam complaints.

However, the confirm opt-in has its drawbacks as some subscribers never confirm their subscription – and in turn, denying them the opportunity to get into your list. A good number of people may simply overlook the confirmation email. Some may delete it by accident, while others may fail to make sense out of the confirmation process.

To curb this unfortunate occurrence, email marketers must craft a great automated subscription confirmation email. The follow-up confirmation email must be clear and simple. Make it as easy as possible for your reader to understand the confirmation process.

Here are a few tips;

  • Utilize a large and easy to spot Call-To-Action button – make it the primary focus of your confirmation email

  • Desist from adding any extraneous text that has the potential to shift focus from the CTA and key message. However, you may customise your language to make it enthusiastic, welcoming and in line with what your brand represents

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The welcome email

Once your subscribers have confirmed their subscription, respond with an appropriate welcome message. Take this opportunity to thank them for subscribing but don’t stop at that. Let them in on the kind of information they will be receiving from you henceforth.

Use this golden chance to make them look forward to your next email. In as much as you have self or business interests in their subscription, always remember that it should be a win-win situation. You must be driven by the desire to bring value to your readers.

Your welcome email must be concise. It must serve the sole purpose of welcoming your readers. Restrain yourself from sharing all the information you are excited to include in this email. You will have numerous other opportunities to share it.

Other things that may go into the welcome email include;

  • Your contact information such as website link, phone number, and physical location of your business if you have one.

  • Besides giving them a sneak peek of what to expect from your future emails, let them know how often they will be receiving the emails.

  • Tell them a little about your company and the very reason for your existence as far as solving their biggest challenges is concerned

  • If you made an offer to encourage prospects to sign up, this is the moment to fulfill your end of bargain

If you successfully implement the above tips, you are ready to get started. All the best as you craft those enticing confirmation and welcome emails!

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