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Create Your Buyer Persona In 5 Simple Steps

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Do you know who your brand’s buyer personas are? If yes, how much information do you have about them? The term buyer persona is occasionally substituted with marketing persona. It refers to a fictional and generalized depiction of a business’ ideal customer. Buyer personas are essential in product and service design, as well as marketing and sales. They come in handy when a marketer is in the process of internalizing the ideal customer that he or she is trying to attract. Buyer personas also help marketers to relate with their customers are real humans.

Having enough information about your buyer personas is critical in content creation, product/service development; follow up of sales and everything about acquisition and retention of customers. Now that we have ascertained how vital personas are, let us establish how to make one in five simple steps.

Research your target market

You need to gather as much information as possible about your target audience to be able to develop detailed buyer personas. There are several ways of accomplishing this. Firstly, go through the database of your contacts to unearth trends on how particular customers and leads find and use your content.

Secondly, when creating website forms, make sure that the fields can capture valuable personal information. Thirdly, consider the feedback that your sales team gets from the customers that they interact with the most. Fourthly, consider interviewing existing and prospective customers. You may do so over the phone, or in person. Doing so will help you find out what they love about your product.

Determine the most common traits

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Your customers and prospects will have several characteristics in common. After step one above, classify such characteristics that are likely to affect the manner in which you communicate with each one of them. Pay attention to characteristics such as;

  • Demographics such as age, occupation, location, education level and so on and so forth
  • Behavioral patterns such as their buying patterns, how they utilize your product/service and so on
  • What are their interests? What are their hobbies? What kind of materials do they love to read or watch? All this information is important
  • Email predisposition – this has to do with their different preferences as far as emails are concerned. How often do they wish to receive emails from a marketer or brand? When do they ever open their emails? What inspires them to open and read emails? What do they hate about emails?

Develop different personas

This step is pretty straightforward. Based on the information you have obtained in step two above, group your target audience into different personas. For instance, you may classify your target audience into various age groups, occupations or where they are located. You may also organize them in terms of interests or email preferences.

Assign a name to your buyer personas

Giving your personas names will go a long way in helping you write personalized emails. What is more, writing and sending out emails to your list becomes extremely easy.

You are now ready to send personalized emails

If you have followed the above four steps, you already have buyer personas. You have sufficient details about them, assigned them names, and most probably a face as well. Congratulations!

Now more than ever you will realize how easy it is to write more useful content. By increasing subscriber engagement, your email deliverability also receives a tremendous boost. It becomes easier for you to solve the problems of your existing and prospective customers using your product or service.

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