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5 Ways To Increase Your Deliverability By Boosting Email Engagement

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Email marketing goes beyond sending out email campaigns to your list. A successful email marketing campaign entails ensuring deliverability. It means ensuring that your readers not only open the email, but also read it to the end, and even though not immediately, they eventually act as you expect. It means doing everything possible to prevent your messages from finding their way into the spam folder.

Note that the carriers of your email such as Gmail also consider various factors before delivering a message. There are technical aspects involved that determine whether your message goes to the inbox of your subscribers, or their spam folders.

It is therefore essential to make sure that your emails are as deliverable as possible by making them engaging. Here are five ways of increasing your deliverability by boosting email engagement.

Request audience feedback

Has your audience stopped engaging with your emails? Among the easiest ways of figuring out why they are disengaging is to ask them. Make it easy for them to respond to this type of email. For instance, you may ask a question and then provide possible responses where your readers only need to click a button. Such an approach will generate invaluable feedback with little or minimal friction. Don’t worry if some of them fail to respond to your email. At the very least, about 50% will respond which means that someone is paying attention to your email campaigns.

Write crisp and concise emails

Never send an email without checking spelling and grammar. It is imperative that your message appears not only readable but actionable. Make use of one of the various software for spelling and grammar checks. Such software also checks your writing style, punctuation, sentence structures and even do vocabulary enhancement. Others give you readability scores to help you make your copy as comprehensible as possible.

Overcome the challenges associated with being too close to the copy

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In many instances, even when you are editing a text, it is impossible to capture all the mistakes. Email marketers must find a way of overcoming this shortcoming. If you have a co-worker or fellow email marketer who is willing to go through the piece on your behalf, request their assistance.

Another efficient way is using software such as Text to Speech Reader (there are several free online software). The software reads out the copy, and while it does, it makes it seem like you are hearing your words from another perspective. This way, you can quickly detect typos and writing style problems you would otherwise have missed.

Use visuals and videos

Freshen your emails with videos and visuals. If you have not noticed yet, videos are the newest big thing in 2017, and the trend will continue in the years to come. They could be your surest ticket to increase subscriber engagement. Launch a video marketing campaign that fits your budget. There is nothing big or complicated about it.

Also, remember to share photos of the latest things that your brand has been up to. Images of your members of staff are also going to keep your subscribers engaged. It is a good way of humanizing your brand. The phrase, “a picture is worth a thousand words” applies more in this case than it has ever done anywhere else.

Maintain or upgrade your creativity

It is human nature to lose a little bit of stamina as far as pushing oneself is concerned. However, in email marketing, you must endeavor to experiment new and creative ideas. Don’t keep your eyes off essential metrics such as click-through rates, open rates, and cart abandonment rates. They will help you determine if your subscribers are getting bored and in turn, tell you when to act accordingly. Be on the lookout for practical and creative ways of killing the boredom to retrieve the attention of your subscribers.

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