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Taking Email Template Design To The Next Level

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Marketers are reaping enormous benefits from the innovative use of email marketing campaigns. However, one must engage creative ways of approaching this digital marketing technique to stand out in the industry or rather attract subscribers and later on convert them into customers.

Your email template design is an essential element in successful email marketing campaigns. It determines whether your mail gets read once it hits the inbox of your subscribers.

In this post, we pay specific attention to how you can take your email template design to the next level. What are some of the ways through which you can up your game? Keep reading to find out.

Make the layout as clean as possible

Resist the temptation to go off template in the name of coming up with a design that is out of this world! Unfortunately, some marketers have lost potential customers in their pursuit of the so-called great designs. The last thing you want is to throw off a subscriber just because they fail to determine where the email is headed.

Instead, endeavor to have a direct email layout comprised of the subject line (the header), body, and the Call-to-action. By delineating your email template into these three main sections, you make it easier on the eye.

Consider your colors carefully

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Never underestimate the effect that colors have as far as eliciting emotions is concerned. They are so important that there is a branch of psychology dedicated to the study of colors.

Satyendra Singh, a psychologist, conducted a research study on the importance of colors in marketing as a source of information. Apparently, humans make up their minds within one and half minute of their first interaction with other humans and products. It turns out, about 62-90% of the evaluations are solely based on colors.

This, therefore, means that prudent utilization of colors significantly contribute to making products stand out from those of competitors, and also in influencing feelings and moods – and in turn, shaping their perception and attitude towards a given product or service. For instance, red is usually associated with a sense of urgency. You may want to use red on your call to action button if you have an upcoming sale or product offering.

Apart from making your call to action button to stand out from the rest of the text, consider other ways you can use appropriate colors to appeal to the emotions, feelings, attitude positively and ultimately, the behavior of your readers towards your product or service. Remember to consider your background colors carefully.

If you can master the power of colors and utilize it efficiently when designing your email template, you stand to gain a lot from your email marketing efforts.

Responsive design

By now, you must have realized how critical smartphones have become. The fact that mobile devices have caught up with computers is no longer a secret. About half of the emails are accessed from mobile devices – smartphones and tablets.

If your email template design is not mobile friendly, you are losing out on opens, clicks, and perhaps, a huge customer base. As such, mobile optimization should be top on the list that must be done immediately when it comes to taking your email marketing campaign to the next level.

Also, give the reader the liberty to use whatever browser they choose to read your mail. Note that some of your readers might not be in a position to download visuals from an email by default. Make a point of including a link that allows the reader to view a newsletter in a web browser – it goes a long way in enhancing accessibility.

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