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5 Tips For Building Effective Automated Emails

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No email marketer who wants to spend endless hours in front of the computer writing emails for every specific member on his/her list. On the other hand, sending blasts of general emails to the entire list of readers is not prudent either.

A wise email marketer must ensure that his/her subscribers receive relevant messages at the right intervals. Failure to do so translates to either of two things – they mark your emails as spam, or they unsubscribe. An excellent way to stay clear of such problems is to utilize marketing automation. If you decide to go ahead with email automation consider the following five useful tips.

Get the subject line right

Your subject line is the most significant determinant when it comes to whether or not your emails get opened. You get it all wrong, and your email marketing campaign is doomed. The secret is to keep it short, yet enticing and persuasive. Don’t be afraid of spending a substantial amount of time generating eye-catching subject lines to keep your readers engaged with each email you send their way.

Maintain relevance

One of the rules of thumb of automated emails in marketing is to ensure that the messages sent out are relevant at all times. Aim at creating a one-to-one communication experience with your readers.

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Note that a subscriber will not open an email if they are not expectant of something valuable from you. It could be a product offer in the form of discount or even information they consider useful. Whatever you do, make sure that you tell your subscribers what they want to hear or read.

Segment your list

Segmenting your list will help you maintain relevance in your automated email series. Study your audience and determine an appropriate way of segmenting them. You could use factors such as hobbies, education level, age, occupation, income level, geographical location, buyer behaviors and gender among many others – depending on the type of product/service that you deal in. This way, you can create emails for the different segments, rather than write one message for your entire list and then end up sounding irrelevant.

Personalize your messages

You would not want your subscribers to know that the messages you send to them are automated. It is imperative for them to believe that someone literally sent the email. Email personalization is one of the most effective strategies for ensuring that every email has a personal touch.

One way of doing this is to address the subscribers by their first name. It makes them feel like you sat down and wrote down that email specifically for them and not a group of people. The personal information they provided during the sign-up process will come in handy in this instance.

Check grammar and make it easy to understand

While some people may fail to notice lousy grammar on your automated email, be careful not to send a wrong first impression. Life hardly gives us a second opportunity to make things right. If several of your subscribers are highly educated individuals, say, academicians, you could end up losing potential customers. For this reason, check the grammar of every email in your series.

Another important thing is to develop messages that are comprehensible – seeing that your readers could come from varying academic backgrounds. No one wants to spend his or her time trying to understand a confusing message from a brand while there are many other options on the market. Ensure that the message is straightforward.

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