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Get Your Emails Opened With These 7 Expert Subject Line Tricks

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Nothing can be discouraging to an email marketer than realizing that only a small percentage of his emails ever get opened. In any case, for you to receive a response, your reader must first get to open the email.

Unfortunately, a good number of email marketers fail to give the subject lines the attention and importance they deserve. They do not recognize that their subject lines determine the open rates. If you are one of them, the time has come for you to make the necessary changes.

By observing the following expert subject line tricks, you will give your brand the opportunity to experience increased open rates, and ultimately, high conversion rates.

Who is your audience and what’s the ultimate goal?

From the word go, keep your audience in mind! Establish who they are and the kind of action you wish them to take. What are you trying to achieve? Are you just trying to reach out to your list, offering a promotion, or attempting to make sales? The final goal dictates the information that goes into your subject line. The importance of being clear about the value of your email and how your subscribers interpret it cannot be overemphasized.

Personalization is key

Humans are social beings. You delight them by making them feel recognized. A right way of doing this is to localize the subject line. The technique entails personalizing every email message for your specific recipients. Create a feeling of rapport by including the first name of the recipient in the subject line.

Keep the subject line short, yet impressive

Your subscribers have other things to do apart from reading your email. You must, therefore, make it worthwhile for them lest your email goes to the trash folder. Make it readable at a glance. Convey your message succinctly, but clearly – 50 characters (5-7 words) or less should do.

Elicit emotions

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Email subject lines are a lot like headlines. The more they can appeal to the readers’ emotions the better. Your subscribers want to know how their lives will improve by reading your email. Your email does not have to cause an earth-shaking transformation necessarily.

Of utmost importance is to obtain an emotional connection with your readers so that they can choose to read your email rather than trash or spam it. Some of the most promising emotions and feelings include a sense of urgency, curiosity, excitement and joy and so on and so forth.

Don’t sound salesy

While aggressiveness is a crucial virtue in the world of business, you do not want to look salesy in your subject line. If you want people to open your email, avoid sounding excessively sales-focused. Before proposing a purchase, show them value first. The best way to accomplish this is to put the needs of your readers first. Let your subject line explain what is in it for the reader. Make it more about them, rather than you!

Humanize the subject line

Avoid sounding like a robot. Find out the kind of language that your audience uses. The message should be conversational in nature.

Use questions

Can you think of a better way of prompting a response from the readers than the use of questions? I bet there is none. By posing a query, you will encourage your subscriber to open it. Formulate the type of question that is not only enticing but also one that adds a sense of urgency.

It is never too late to create subject lines that deliver increased open rates and ultimately, higher sales. Feel free to use the above seven tips to engage with your list!

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